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Freight Elevator
LGS freight elevator utilizes the advanced micro-computer control technology, through the technical convergence. It was greatly enhanced the performance and quality of a freight lift and reduces a failure rate. It offers the swift and convenient cargo transport. It has the superior characteristics such as the safety and reliability, smooth running, large loading capacity etc.
LGS can offer both machine room and machine roomless solutions for customers. It can be applied in various uses and environments such as factory, warehouse, shopping center and so on. It can be always satisfying the customer’s requirements. It is the finest cargo transport facility.
Freight Elevator [unit : mm]
Load Speed OP Opening Type Hoistway Reactions M/C Room
[kg] [m/sec] [OP*EH] CW CD HW


630 0.5 800 * 2100 2P-2S 1100 1500 1900 2100 2400 4200 1500
1.0 4200 1600
1000 0.5 1000 * 2100 2P-2S 1300 1800 2200 2300 2400 4200 1500
1.0 4500 1600
1.5 4500 1600
1600 0.5 1300 * 2100 2P-2S 1600 2200 2500 2700 2400 4200 1500
1.0 4500 1600
1.5 4600 1600
2000 0.5 1500 * 2100 2P-2S 1900 2200 2800 2700 2500 4200 1500
1.0 4500 1600
1.5 4600 1600
2500 0.5 1600 * 2100 4P-CO 2000 2400 3100 2900 2500 4200 1500
1.0 4500 1600
3000 0.5 1600 * 2100 4P-CO 2200 2600 3300 3300 2600 4500 1500
1.5 4600 1600
5000 0.3 2000 * 2100 4P-CO 2400 3600 3700 3700 2800 4800 1700
8000 0.25 2400 * 2200 4P-CO 3000 4200 4300 4300 2800 5500 1700
Note. Only for reference, Please follow contract for final manufacturing
Car Elevator [unit : mm]
Load Speed OP Opening Type Hoistway Reactions M/C Room Height Overhead
[kg] [m/sec] [OP*EH] CW CD HW


2000 0.25 2200 * 2200 4P-CO 2200 5500 3600 6050 2800 5000 1700
2500 0.25 2200 * 2200 4P-CO 2200 5500 3600 6050 2800 5000 1700
3000 0.25 2400 * 2200 4P-CO 2700 5500 4100 6000 2800 5000 1700
5000 0.25 2400 * 2200 4P-CO 2800 5600 4200 6000 2800 5000 1700
Technical Features
Feature Description Remark
Full collective selective In automatic running or attendant state, this function enables the elevator to respond both car calls and hall calls.
Passengers at any service floor can call the elevator by pressing the up call button and down call button.
Anti-nuisance function The system automatically judges the number of passengers in the car and compares it with the number of registered car calls.
If there are excessive car calls, the system determines that it is nuisance and cancels all car calls. In this case, passengers need to register correct car calls again.
Car Call Cancellation Passengers can press the button consecutively twice to cancel wrong calls.
Turn Off of Car Light
and Fan
If there is no running command within the set time, the system automatically cuts off the power supply to the lamp and fan in the car.
Full-load direct runnung When the car is full-loaded in automatic running state, the elevator does not respond to hall calls from the passing floors. These halls calls, however,
can still be registered, and will be executed at next time of running (in the case of single elevator) or by another elevator
(in the case of parallel/group control).
Overload protection When the car load exceeds the rated elevator load, the elevator alarms and stops running.
Button stuck check The system can automatically identify whether a hall call button is stuck and cancel the stuck call,
preventing the condition that the elevator cannot close and run due to stuck hall calls.
Repeat door close If the door lock is not applied after the elevator performs door close for a certain time, the elevator automatically opens the door and then closes the
door again.
Automatic door open upon door
lock abnormality
If the system detects that the door lock circuit is abnormal during door open/close, the elevator automatically opens and closes the door again,
and reports a fault after the set door open/close times is reached.
Door open time setting The system automatically determines different door open time for door open for call, command, protection,
or delay according to the set door open holding time.
Arrival gong disabled at night Within the set time period, the arrival gong is disabled.
Landing at another floor If the door open time exceeds the door open protection time but the door open limit signal is still inactive, the elevator closes the door and then automatically runs to the next landing floor.
Voice Announcement The elevator automatically announces information such as the running direction and next arriving floor
during running.
Forced door close When the door fails to close within the set time due to the action of the light curtain or safety edge, the elevator enters the forced door close state,
closes the door slowly, and gives a prompt tone.
Group control The system supports parallel control of two elevators / group control of more than three elevators
Micro Leveling After landing at a floor, the elevator may move upward or downward due to the load change and the car door is not aligned with the ground,
which is inconvenient for in and out of passengers and goods. In this case, the system allows the elevator to run to the leveling position in the door
open state at the leveling speed.
Light curtain signal judgment If the door is blocked by stuff during door close, the light curtain acts and the elevator opens the door. This function is invalid in fire emergency state.
Power failure emergency
For the elevator configured with standby power supply, the system uses the standby power supply (ARD System) to implement low-speed self-rescue
in the case of power failure.
Residential monitoring The control system can be connected to the terminal in the monitoring room. By using the NEMS software,
you can view the floor position, running direction, and fault state of the elevator.
Parking Operation In order for park the elevator, if the parking key is on position the car stop at the specified floor after finish servicing of all of registered call.
After the car stops at the specified floor, the car light and fan are off automatically and every buttons both on the car operating panel and
hall button box are no more available.
Fire return Operation In case of fire every cars should be returned to the specified floor in order to evacuate passengers safety.
Fireman Operation In case of fire, a fireman can use the elevator which is stopped at the specified floor in order to support fireman for fire-fighting.
Works Others
Work by Others
The works below are not included in the elevator installation work and should be carried out by building contractors in accordance with our drawing, relevant international or codes and regulations.


- A property framed and enclosed hoistway, including any ventilation as required by the governing code or authority.
- A dry pit constructed to the elevator manufacture's specifications to reinforce or sustain any vertical forces on the guide rails impacted loads from the car and counterweight buffers.
- A metal still angle or concrete haunch across the full width of the hoistway at each elevator landing.
- Provision of steel bars to fix jamb around the entrance of each floor.
- All cutting, including cutouts to accommodate hall signal fixtures, patching, painting of wall, floors, or partitions, together with finish painting of entrance doors and frame, if required.
- Provision of entrance or ladder for pit access.
- Supply and installation of fascia plate
- Installation of emergency exits and electric wiring in blind sections of hoistway where required.
- the tolerance of emergency exits and electric wiring in build sections of hoistway where required.
- The tolerance of perpendicular line over the whole hoistway height must not exceed ±30mm.
- A waterproof outlet and light fixture in the elevator pit area with the light switch being located adjacent to the access door ladder.
- Suitable light fixture and convenience outlet in the pit with a light switch adjacent to the access door or ladder. The receptacles shall have protection for ground.

Machine Room

- Provision of wiring between controller and building management system.
- A construction hoisting beam or hook, if require, with the correct location and size as determined by elevator contractor for each hoistway.
- Noise insulation should be installed between machine room and adjacent residential area.
- A suitable machine room with legal access, ventilation and concrete floor . The temperature in the machine room should be maintained between 5℃ and 40℃ Relative humidity should
  not exceed 90%(monthly) and 95%(daily) non-condensing.
  Ventilation fan or air conditioner should be provided as per heat dissipation by the elevator contractor.
- The size of entrance shall be min. 1000mm(w) X 2000mm(H).
- Installation of lead-in wire and earth wire between building main power board and room incoming distribution board. However, machine room lighting source supply shall be install separately.
- Provision of suitable light fixture and convenience outlets in the machine room.


- Wiring and piping between each machine room and monitoring system.
- Machine room and hoistway shall be free or harmful gas.
- All electric power for lighting, tools, welding, etc during installation.
- All single phase receptacles installed in machine room, pit and machinery spaces shall ground fault circuit interrupter


- Fire detector for emergency operation.
- A secured area for storage of elevator equipment and materials during installation.
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